Pureheart is a leading value investment manager. We invest globally and seek to achieve superior long term absolute returns through an ‘on the ground’, fundamentally-based, value-driven investment process. Our client base includes both global institutional clients and high net worth individuals.

Pure Heart Value Investment Fund
(Administrator : MUFG Alternative Fund Services (Cayman) Limited)
Bloomberg Ticker: PUREHCG KY
2018.04.30 HKD 337.27-337.26
2018.03.29 HKD 362.98-362.97
2018.02.28 HKD 352.25 -- 352.24
2018.01.31 HKD 352.25 -- 352.24
2017.12.29 HKD 314.72 -- 314.71
Pure Heart Natural Selection Fund
(Administrator : SS&C Fund Services (Asia) Limited)
Bloomberg Ticker: PURENAT KY
2018.05.02 USD 325.884-320.305
2018.04.03 USD 351.526-340.819
2018.03.01 USD 342.447-333.556
2018.02.01 USD 340.844-332.273
2018.01.02 USD 297.988 -- 297.988
Past performance does not represent future return. Any information provided herein shall not constitute an offer and/or solicitation of any investment, and shall not constitute any investment advice for any investment.
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