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Investment Philosophy
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Risk Management
Importance of Global Portfolio
Risk Management
Risk Control Continuous Monitoring

Objectives and Ideas

The customer's interest always comes first. Risks are strictly contained within a reasonable threshold. A balance is strike between the company’s development and operation risks. We also seek the balance between return on investment for customer and risks.

Investment Target Control

While we maintain an appropriate risk control variance, we also strive to study the fundamentals of a company. By enhancing the risk control over each investment target, risk monitoring of the complete portfolio as a whole is achieved. We only invest in companies that we have carried out in-depth studies and maintained continuous follow up.

Cyclical Risk Control

We have in-depth knowledge on economic cycles and cyclical fluctuations. Our eyes are on markets that have weathered significant fall, whose risks have been significantly released, and the low P/E ratio has made them very inexpensive.

Liquidity Control

Liquidity risks are controlled by a relative diversification of investment. Shareholding limit is set for a single share.

  There is no assurance that the investment process mentioned will consistently lead to successful investing.
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