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Investment Philosophy

The System in Global Investment History of Rise and Fall

Any country, industry and company would experience its rise and fall. Pureheart identifies the turning points of rise and fall across the globe. The lowest point in weakness is also the starting point of an upward swing. When the tide lowers, we enter; we follow where the water goes and advance. When the tide is high, we exit and move on to look for another point of rise and fall of the next tide. We have established a coordinate system for global investment that comprises the various dimensions of countries, industries and credit cycles. We look for undervalued markets and industries to carry out global asset allocation.

Adhering to Major Trends from Top Down

Shares are selected by top-down approach. The selection is first conducted on countries and industries based on mega trends; the process is next combined with concrete researches on fundamentals.

In-Depth Study on Industries

Pureheart focuses on industrial research, employing scepticism to look at the financial statements and announcements of the various companies in these industries. After identifying an industry, we perform the ground work of visiting the listed companies, supply chains, customers and other parties related to the companies' operation, in order to identify premium enterprises in the industry.

Monopolistic Advantages + Good Governance Structures

The very core of Pureheart’s company selection is to look at the monopolistic advantages of a company. We are keen to focus on companies with business that would not be easily affected by market competition and companies with good corporate governance structures.

  There is no assurance that the investment process mentioned will consistently lead to successful investing.
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